Hello! I’m Chloé, an English-born carb-loving coffee-dependent makeup-addict who lives full-time in the world of lipsticks and hair spray!

Starting in 2010, I have been lucky enough to call this my job and have the pleasure of being able to pamper clients of all ages for all types of occasions. I believe that it is my mission to create a healthy relationship between makeup and our perception of what beauty is whilst delivering the best in Soft-Glam makeup and hair styling services.

If you need someone refreshing and down-to-earth who makes you feel comfortable and look your absolute best, you have come to the right place!

Drop me a line or give me a buzz and let's get you (soft) glammed!

Chloé xx

Appointment Only Address:

(Upstairs at) Little Love Co. Florist

33 Kensington Road,

Norwood, SA 5067

Mobile: 0452 476 884

Email: info@chloeellouise.com.au

Instagram: @chloeellouise.com.au

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