The Transition into Personal Branding

Adelaide Business is changing

Formerly known as Makeup Addiction, I have recently decided to take the plunge to create a more personalised and instantly recognisable brand. 

For the last 8 years I have been offering Makeup and Hair Styling services to clients across South Australia and building my reputation and portfolio.

I named my business “Makeup Addiction” when I was just 19 and it seemed fitting for my ever-growing Addiction to Makeup and the fun I was having starting out. I created a social media profile (Instagram didn’t exist back then would you believe!) and a website, and worked full time on the business from the get-go. Living from home for the first two years definitely helped and I slowly built my client base and reputation. I have been so lucky to work for myself for so long now in a career that I am passionate about.

Chloé Ellouise’ is not just my name, it is synonymous with the brand that I take pride in, as well as the relationship between my clients and I.

I am proud of what I have achieved in the last 8 years and the people I have been able to meet, however, I picked 2018 as the year for change; for a transition. An opportunity to develop and express my new style and vision.

Adelaide is moving fast with young, fresh entrepreneurs and girl-boss’s emerging left, right and centre which is so exhilarating for the future of small business in Adelaide. The beauty industry is now booming more than ever before and with that, it is important to stay in the know, keeping your brand and products up to date, and your goals centred. 

So, be prepared for new collaborations, weekly blogs, a new online booking feature, personalised advice for all my future Brides-to-Be as well as tailored Makeup lessons so that you can master your own look!

Chloé and her Team

I have always worked alongside a number of Makeup Artists and Stylists in the industry and have 5 Assistants who bring forth their amazing skills to make sure that everything runs seamlessly and on time with our Bridal Parties and with my clients when I am fully booked. In this next phase of the business, expect to see some new fresh faces emerging who I will be collaborating with and having assist future bookings as we expand.

 Chloé Ellouise 

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